THE UNDERWORLD UNDERFOOT with Karen Christine Patrick Karen Christine Patrick will be speaking at the Human Origins conference in Albuquerque New Mexico October 2018

DESCRIPTION OF TALK: Ongoing human habitation on Planet Earth may have had to depend on the ability of us to live underground from time to time. Tales of "The Underworld" is a re-occuring theme in historical and mythological accounts. Perhaps our ancestors were trying to tell us something accurate to the needs of survival that we modern surface-dwellers ignore as myth. What factors may have driven our ancestors to seek shelter within the planet?

In our modern era, conspiracy analysts speak often of underground facilities that of humans, and also galactic visitors. Ms. Patrick will present an significant list of underground places, with "who, what, why" information to round out a big picture of what lies under our feet.

BIO: Karen Christine Patrick is an experiencer, a researcher, a radio personality, video producer, and author. Ms. Patrick has been involved in projects covering the topics of exopolitics, the paranormal, and contact with non-human intelligence.

Ms. Patrick is one of the Silver City, New Mexico organizers of the MARS Conference, 7th Annual, in September 2018.



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