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INTRODUCTION:  The idea of a Basic Income has been  percolating into the mainstream as an idea to  change the discussion about economics from  “top-down” discussions that don’t seem to  resonate at the level where most of us live. Also, we are now aware of threats to true  democracy from wealth inequality, threats to  free speech and civil discourse from social  media wedded to clandestine surveillance.

The “stick” in the “carrot and stick” social  engineering going on, so subtle most people  don’t realize it until they begin to question  the status-quo, is that financial assassination  is possible because we do not have a floor  to poverty. As long as people can fall  completely “down and out” financially, the  idea of free speech on any topic is under  threat.

This book gives an overview on how the idea  of a Basic Income would support those who  want to have open discussions about many  fringe topics, UFOs, Exopolitics, Psychic  Abilities, Conspiracies, Ancient Tech, Space  Anomalies, Ghosts, Whistleblower Testimony,  etc. The Basic Income can remove the threat  of financial terrorism for speaking out or  exploring these and other topics.


Karen Christine Patrick is an experiencer,  contactee, psychic and researcher. Karen worked  as a technical writer the high-tech field for 20  years, doing contract work for Intel, Microsoft,  Epson and other companies. She was a full-time  caregiver for her daughter with Spina Bifida.

She has been involved in media as an author,  audio and video producer, and radio personality  since 2012 Her book, The Annunaki and the  Moon is about the experience working with NASA  whistle- blower Ken Johnston Sr, studying  Johnston’s extensive Apollo Missions archive,  combined with her research of the
Annunaki  narrative.

Karen has produced, as a co-host, many radio  shows on the Aquarian Radio Network with Janet  Kira Lessin, talking about fringe topics, mainly  about the Experiencer Movement. She has a  podcast network on
Spreaker. She an organizer of the MarsAnomaly, an event in Silver City, New Mexico where she resides with her family.

Karen is an advocate for the Basic Income for marginalized people, the disabled, unpaid caregivers, domestic violence survivors, people in transitional life circumstances, and all aspects of the fringe, contactees, abductees, and experiencers. She is the admin for the group Caregivers for a Basic Income on Facebook, and is active on Twitter for "Basic Income New Mexico."




Podcast "Portals of Knowing" and other resources and



This website has lots of information plus  updates on Basic Income trials from all over the world.

Book - BASIC INCOME: A Guide for the  Open-Minded by Guy Standing

Guy Standing  is a primary source about Basic Income from  academia. He conducted the U.N. Test of a  Basic Income in India with successful results.


Scott Santens is a  New Orleans  writer focused on the potential for human
civilization to gets its act together in the  21st century. Moderator of /r/BasicIncome  on Reddit. Medium member since Jun 2017 .

Book - THE WAR ON NORMAL PEOPLE:  The Truth About America's Disappearing  Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is  Our Future by Andrew Yang

TWITTER @BasicIncomeNM

The author of  this book "Weird Shouldn't Starve," Karen Christine Patrick, talks about  the Basic Income, on Twitter, as an initiative  for solving wealth inequality in New Mexico, a  state with a rich history in the UFO topic.



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